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The system is changing. So are we.

Thursday, August 25, 2016Heather Ennis

The Ontario Centre of Excellence is pleased to introduce some important changes that will broaden the services we can provide to agencies, service areas and the sector as a whole. As system transformation continues to unfold, agency needs are getting deeper and more complex. The Centre has a strong history of evolving alongside the sector, and that’s one thing that will never change.

These changes will:

  • Give Ontario agencies, communities and systems more access to tailored support as they face the complex challenge of transformational change.
  • Increase the number of Centre staff available to directly support agencies and communities while slimming down our management team.
  • Provide widespread opportunity to inform the Centre’s work in a variety of ways.


Broadening our services

  • Introducing change management, performance measurement, system planning and quality improvement to our service menu.
  • Offering deeper expertise to walk side-by-side with service areas working to achieve complex change in their communities.
  • Maintaining single-point-of-contact service with coordinated access to everything the Centre team has to offer.

Realigning our human resources

  • Trimming down the Centre's management team to make room for more staff to provide direct support and coaching to agencies, communities and systems.
  • Adding three coaches and two quality improvement specialists with extensive skill and experience navigating complex change.

Expanding our engagement

  • Growing a large and diverse team of stakeholders to work with the Centre on projects, products and programs.
  • Merging the functions of the existing governance and advisory committees to create a Strategic Advisory Council that will roll up their sleeves and co-create the Centre of tomorrow with our leadership team.


Broadening our services

As system transformation of the child and youth mental health system continues to progress, agency and service area needs are getting more complex. The Centre is responding by strengthening our single-point-of-access service model while broadening the pool of expertise and experience agencies and service areas can tap in to.

  • We’re expanding our menu of services to include big-picture processes that can make or break any systemic initiative – change management, system planning and performance measurement.
  • We have strengthened our commitment to our One Team approach to service. Whatever the service area needs, we’ll pull together the right people and supports to help get the job done.
  • We’re clarifying our scope of support. We are here to support service areas as they implement their core service delivery plans, and that means working with lead agencies, core service agencies and other partner agencies at times. If it’s in the plan, we’re here to support it.
  • We’re enhancing our knowledge broker model. Our team of KBs will continue to maintain relationships with Ontario service areas and provide one-stop access to tailored and coordinated support from the entire Centre team.

Realigning our human resources

The Centre’s decision to invest in additional direct support for service areas required a shift in our organizational structure and human resource spending. Our staff is constantly shifting and evolving, but we’ve reduced positions in some areas in order to add more support where it’s needed most.

  • We’ve added five new roles, including three expert coaches (change management, system planning and performance measurement) and two quality improvement specialists.
  • We’ve reduced our leadership team (managers and directors) from 12 members to eight. This has happened either through attrition or reassignment to one of the Centre’s new roles.
  • We are excited to have Dr. Evangeline Danseco take on the role of performance measurement coach, and thrilled to introduce Ann Barber as one of our new quality improvement specialists.
  • The remaining coach and quality improvement specialist positions will be filled over the Fall and we will be sure to introduce them when they arrive. Check out the new Centre staff page on our website.

Expanding our engagement

We couldn’t do what we do without the help and advice of stakeholders – youth, families, service providers, leaders, policy makers, researchers and other partners. They help us get it right, and we want to make sure everything we do is informed by a diverse set of perspectives that can help shape products, processes, and services that work.

  • We are introducing a new Strategic Advisory Council, made up of 10-15 agency representatives, youth, families, and senior leadership and board representatives from our parent organization, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
  • The Strategic Advisory Council will meet in person or virtually several times each year. They will provide oversight of the Centre’s activities and finances, but will also engage in generative governance – building, strategizing and developing our work alongside Centre leadership.
  • We are planning to build and nurture a large and diverse pool of collaborators that wish to help the Centre in various aspects of our work. By remaining connected to the sector in this way, we will be able to tap in to the right kind of expertise and input for all of our diverse activities.


The Centre is proud to support the child and youth mental health sector as it continues to enhance services to better meet the needs of Ontario's children, youth and families.


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